Group of students at EAPrep
Group of students wearing EAPrep uniforms

Promesa Public Schools is a family of free, public, college-preparatory schools committed to supporting student and family through college graduation. Historically, not all children have been provided access to a college preparatory education and studies show that where a child lives directly impacts their chances of growing up to earn a living wage. Promesa Public Schools believes that everyone deserves a healthy quality of life and a solid education is a vital component of that. We operate free, college preparatory schools that are accessible to the entire community with free transportation, free afterschool care and support for student and family that carries over into college, until your student earns their degree. If you dream of sending your child to college, get to know Promesa Public Schools in your community at Promesa College Prep-West Corpus Christi, Promesa College Prep-Brownsville, and East Austin College Prep.
  • A free, public, community school with personalized attention

    Una escuela comunitaria pública y gratuita con atención personalizada

  • A well-rounded education that prepares students for college and beyond

    Una educación completa que prepara a los estudiantes para la universidad y más allá

  • Teachers with extended hours

    Maestros con horarios extendidos

  • Free afterschool care

    Cuidado extra-escolar gratuito

  • Free tutoring

    Tutoría gratuita

  • Support for student and family through college graduation

    Apoyo para estudiantes y familias hasta la graduación universitaria